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Whiplash is great isnít it?  Somebody bumps the back of your car, you scream "Whiplash!", stick your neck in a collar for a week and sue them for a $1,000,000.

Well unfortunately thatís Hollywoodís version of whiplash.  Sufferers of whiplash or WAD (Whiplash Associated Disorders) know the impact that it can have, whiplash can lead to months or even years of physical pain, financial burden and emotional distress.

 Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of whiplash is the lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject.    "Whiplash only last six weeks"; "there are no treatments, it just takes time"; "you canít get whiplash at such a low speed".  Do not believe such statements.  Whiplash may only last six weeks, but it can last six months, or six years.  There are treatments, treatments that work.  You can get whiplash at 5mph or 105mph.

How do I know these things, because I did some research.  I am not a doctor, just somebody with access to the Internet.  The reason for this site is to share what I found out, the information on this site is not exhaustive (far from it).  Inclusion of sites or articles does not constitute endorsement (not that endorsement from somebody whose sole medical qualification is a Basic First Aid Certificate would mean much!).  Surfers are merely asked to read the information and decide for themselves.  All the information was found freely on the Web, but I know that if you are a whiplash sufferer, even sitting at a computer for a few hours surfing can be painful.  I hope you find this useful.

Before entering the site it is worth noting that if you have recently been involved in an accident, chances are that most of what you find on this site will not be applicable to you.  All studies and research indicate that it is only a small minority of people with whiplash injuries that develop chronic symptoms.  You will probably have no need for lots on these pages and doctors and lawyers.  Statistically you are likely to be one of the lucky ones - but just be mindful that you may not.

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