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Case Histories.



On this page you can read the cases of a number of friends from the WHIPLASH HURTS discussion forum.  You can read first hand experiences of treatments, injuries, surgeries, insurance claims, therapies, prescribed drugs and anything else they wish to share.

A couple of quick notes: although this page, and indeed the entire site, is  (I hope) useful in helping to educate us about our injuries it is merely an addition to receiving proper competent medical and legal advice and not a substitute. 

Also, do not be worried by what you read below.  Only a minority of people who suffer a whiplash injury will have injuries that last several months or years like some detailed below.  If you have only recently been injured, chances are you will recover relatively quickly.

If you are unfamiliar with anything discussed below it is likely to be found on one of the other pages of the site.

If you would like to share your experiences please E-mail me: writetoceri@hotmail.com

Whiplash effects numerous people around the world, here are the names of just a few of them...




Hi, my names Ceri and I'm from Wales.  My accident was in September 1999: a car heading in the opposite direction to me turned straight across my path, I had no time to avoid it and struck it at about 50mph.  The impact caused me to hit my head on the drivers window knocking me out for a few seconds, but other than a sore head I felt okay straight after - even as far as discussing with the other driver that although my car was a wreck "at least no-one was hurt".  Hmm.  It was the next day that the neck pain started and has remained until now (March 2002).  Since then I have seen about 8 doctors who have ranged from the good to the frankly appalling ("whiplash only last 6 weeks unless you have an insurance claim to pursue").  I  tried acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, TENS, physio' - all with little to no help.  I have tried analgesic painkillers (good for relieving the initial acute pain), Ibuprofen, Amitriptyline (Elavil - if you are on this I found that taking the last daily dose 12 hours before you want to get up is the best time).  In November 2001 I had a neurotomy procedure done (read about that on my other site www.facetinjury.8m.net) and although not eliminating all the pain made a huge improvement to my condition.

The best advice I can give to people is to educate themselves about their problems and discuss this with the RIGHT doctor - do not assume that just because they are a doctor they have up-to-date knowledge of whiplash research and treatment.  Also do not assume that the "Independent" Medical Examiners that insurers require you to see are truly independent - remember who is paying them.  I went to see one and received the greatest work of fiction since Shakespeare laid down his quill.



On a sunny beautiful day July 14th, 2000 I was returning from the mall and from picking up my new suburban floor mats from the dealer. It was also my moms birthday so I was very happy, we were planning on going out to dinner to celebrate.

On my way home I  was fully stopped at a red light, all of a sudden a taxi cab mistook his brakes from his gas peddle (this is what the passenger of the cab told me) and hit me smack in the rear of my new suburban.  I was stunned and couldn't do anything but call my hubby on the cell phone. I then looked back and saw the taxi cab's front all smashed in - his engine was part of the front seats. The driver was hurt bad. I was lucky because I was driving a truck! I got hit so hard I couldn't stop my car from rear ending the car in front of me.

I was complaining of my head and neck hurting at once. I went to the hospital and the x-rays came out normal, so I thought I was fine........WRONG!!! The next day I couldn't move my neck or arm, the pain was getting worse.

My medical treatments were Chiropractor....ewwwww, he didn't do a thing for me.  I had an MRI done and it showed herniated discs and bulging discs.  So I went to an Orthopedic, who ordered P.T., that didn't do anything. Oh yeah, I was giving plenty of pain killers, that did help but did a number on my stomach. My last hope was seeing a pain management Doctor........that was smart!!! He first did tests like epidermal steroid injections.....no relief so I flunk that test! Finally I turned to my message board (Whiplash hurts) and got the best advice from friends and from the doctor on the board about facet blocking. Its a test where they numb the facet nerves in your neck.....I passed that test!!! I had several days of relief so I was a candidate to get the nerves now burnt off, that procedure they told me (but it has other names) is called Cervical Radiofrequency Nerve Lesioning (neurotomy/rhizotomy).  I can say now I am totally pain free......till the nerves grow back then I need to repeat the procedure. It took me about 8 months to get relief, others here will tell you that they are still suffering one or more years since their accident. I feel I was very lucky.

I could go on and on and talk about the suffering of me and my family, the missed birthdays, school events and the smiling faces on my children on Christmas morning that I couldn't see thru my pain. These are things a chronic pain sufferer knows but there is hope. I hope anyone that is reading this that is suffering from neck or back pains will see the light at the end of the tunnel and not give up hope. KNOWLEDGE IS THE BEST MEDICINE AVAILABLE TO YOU RIGHT NOW.




Hello, my name is Judi and I am from Maryland in the United States.  My accident occurred on January 1996 where I was stopped behind a car with 2 cars behind me waiting for a car to make a left hand turn.  A Maryland State Trooper (police officer) rear-ended us.  It seemed he came through a traffic light and didn't see us stopped till it was too late.  At the time, I didn't think I was hurt only minor damage to the car and I needed to get back to my new job.  

About 6 months later, after having bad headaches which I have migraines so its hard to compare any headache to and neck pain I went to the doctor.  He ordered an x-ray and found I had degenerative disc disease and put me on Florinal.  This went on with checkups but I never put the two together since I also have migraines so its hard to compare anything to that headache.

Then on September 1997, I experienced the worst pain in my neck that quickly spread to my shoulders, arms and upper back.  I had MRI's which showed nothing he said, I saw an orthopedic who prescribed p/t and anti-inflammatory meds and muscle relaxants, took p/t for almost a year.  I saw many doctors such as neurologist, neurosurgeon, pain mgmt specialist, orthopedic doc, physiatrist, and finally an Orthopedic Surgeon. I have tried acupuncture, trigger point injections, p/t on and off for almost 2 yrs, massages, aerobic exercises, aqua therapy, traction, tens unit, cervical epidural, heat and stretching.  Some of the meds I have taken for this are Amitriptylene (Elevil) which is great for sleeping, Florinal, Flexeril, Norflex, Hydrocodone, Darvocet, valium.  I returned to work on and off during this time fearing I might lose my job I worked more than I stayed home.  Some of the tests I have taken are 3 MRI's ( 2 of the neck, 1 brain), x-ray of the neck & flex extension x-ray, discogram.   The discogram finally showed the discs were the problem and I am now recovering from surgery.  

If I could share one thing with someone going through this now is don't give up until you find a doctor you trust and recognizes this pain is real.  Also, if you are in an accident go to the ER just to be on the safe side.  Unfortunately, I didn't so by the time a doctor related this to that the statue of limitations had run out.  So I had no lawsuit to help me recover any of my expenses fighting this long battle of pain.


Hello, my name is Vernon, and I am from Gulfport, Mississippi, USA. I was sitting in a turn lane of an intersection of a road (Community Rd) and a highway (HWY 49). I was trying to go north on the highway in the right turn lane. I was waiting on traffic, and noticed that the traffic lights for the north and south bound traffic was turning red. I started to go, then I decided not to go. Then, without any warning, I was hit in the rear end by someone in a car. The impact pushed me foward a little ways. I got out of my truck to see what damage was done and to see if the person who hit me was ok. I was informed then that I had a cut to my face, and also realized that I did not have my glasses on anymore. I was assumed that the cut came from when my glasses came off of my head from the impact of the hit and came back on my face and cut me. The person who hit me stated to me and the cop that was there that "she did not see me stopped until it was to late, and hit me." I received three stitches in the cut at the hospital, and went home. No less than 3 days later, I was back at the hospital for major pain to my neck, right shoulder, and right arm. I was diagnosed with WHIPLASH,
was given meds (6 of them), and has sent home with 3 RX's.  You do not want
to know how much they cost. Anyway, I was informed by my insurance company to get the services of a attorney that dealt in this kind of case, which I did.  He sent me to a Chiropractor's to be treated. And so far, everything is ok, except for when I go to his office, I am relieved of my pain for about 12 hours later and that is about it. Sometimes, I can not even use my arm as much as I want to because of the pain and me being scared that I may do more damage by using it.  Things are looking up for now. I wish I could have found this web page sooner, then I would have been able to ask the questions sooner.

Thank you,
                 Vernon Fitchie



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