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Legal Aspects of a Whiplash Case.






Whiplash injuries not only effect your body and mind they can also seriously dent your wallet.  We live in increasingly litigious times and if you are to receive any compensation it seems the only route is through the legal system - it is therefore essential you seek qualified legal advice at the earliest possible time.  Below are a few sites that can help you do this.

Remember litigation is not a way to untold riches, any compensation you receive will not adequately compensate for your pain but it may be the only way you have to ensure you receive the correct medical care and some reimbursement for your financial losses.  Insurance companies are there to make profit, therefore what is in your best interests and what is in theirs can often be opposite - be aware of that when you (or hopefully your lawyer) deal with them. 



Canadian law firm site that gives a very basic outline on causes, symptoms, treatments of WAD largely based on the findings of the Quebec Task Force.



Global Referral Network.  Some writing on WAD Mainly though for finding a local attorney (says global but only seems to be applicable to U.S.)



Allows you to search for a lawyer in your area, and gives basic advice on many aspects of the law.  Lists numerous countries (from Iran to the Isle of Man, but strangely not Wales).



Provides information relating to legal aspects of settling a whiplash case.



Nothing to do with big fish who like to scare people by playing the cello.  You can post a query free of charge which will be reviewed by lawyers who may provide advice and be interested in taking in your case.



Fundingoffice.com will advance money to litigants pending the outcome of their lawsuit.  I haven't fully checked out their site or service, but would guess it is only available in the US.  I would recommend reviewing their site and the service they offer with your solicitor. 



Litigation promotes malingering?  This is an abstract of a research article concluding that this is a false accusation.  Click on the related articles tab for 100 pieces of whiplash writing.



Pages of Medical Litigation News.  You can read summaries of the latest medical research that may impact on the legal system, there are a number of articles guests can view (there is a subscription charge for membership), and you can subscribe to a free newsletter.


An independent publisher that publishes a book for attorneys and whiplash victims called "Plaintiffs' Lawyers Guide to Minor Impact Cervical & Lumbar Injury". It is written by a top plaintiffs' expert in this area and speaks plainly about how to overcome insurance company defenses in these cases. The book is helpful for both attorneys and whiplash victims.  I have not read the book so can offer no personal recommendation.



WAD - Whiplash Associated Disorders, the term more correctly used for whiplash injuries.

IME - Insurance companies commonly send litigants to see these Independent Medical Examiners (generally but apparently not always doctors) to assess levels of disability and suffering caused by an accident.  However, their "Independence" can often be questionable given that the insurance company is often paying them handsomely for their report whereas the litigant is not - potential conflict of interest maybe?  I would recommend looking at the first article on this page and discussing the issues with your lawyer before going to see an IME.


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